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About Milli

SINCE 2001, Milli Thornton has been inspiring writers through her book, blogs, websites, workshops and online courses. Her fun and supportive attitude has helped many writers heal from old creative wounds, or rediscover a passion for writing that got buried along the way. About coaching other writers, Milli says, “Besides the joys and terrors of my own writing life, I love being a catalyst and a listening ear to help fellow writers blossom. I was somehow born with a knack for seeing the potential in other writers. I love to exercise that knack through verbal encouragement, as well as assignments designed to coax the natural writer from within.”
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I finished my novel!
“Milli showed me how to get back to having some fun.”
Judith Shaw,
I was trying to turn one of my early stories into a novel and ran into all kinds of trouble. I began to feel trapped by the plot. The writing wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t fun.

So I enrolled in an online course that teaches how to plot a novel. The teacher didn’t pay attention to my answers to his written questions. The format of the course was mechanically so complicated that I never figured it out. I got seriously confused and dropped the course.

I was overwhelmed by what I had taken on but didn’t know how to exit without being a failure. If someone asked what I did, I was not so quick to answer “I’m a writer.”

Then I hooked up with Milli via her coaching service. We talked at length about the problems I was having with my writing and she showed me how to get back to having some fun. It was a huge weight off my back.

Milli and I have a phone conference every week to talk about the week that was and plan assignments for the upcoming week. If I run into problems, Milli helps me solve them.

Last week I was working on a chapter that was going absolutely nowhere. When I told Milli I felt stuck, she showed me how I’d painted my character into a corner, then she helped me find a different direction to take the story. What a relief.

I feel like a writer again.


Judith has finished writing her novel, Charley's Horse, and it's now available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Milli also helped Judith put together a website that features stories about her world travels and horse adventures; stories that were written under Milli's guidance and encouragement.

“The suddenly ADD/Can't Finish Anything me was writing (can I get a drum roll, please?) over 1,000 words each and every day.  One Sunday, it was 3,000 words!”
Catherine Nichols,
My intentions were good. . .
Milli, thank you for all you have done and given me!

My intentions with writing were good but my focus was not. There were so many days I'd sit in the chair, prepared to write for an hour or two but then suddenly I had far more interesting things to do like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and cleaning out the garage. I couldn't seem to commit to sitting down and getting the job done.

And then I met Milli. I don't know what kind of magic she worked on me, but the suddenly ADD/Can't Finish Anything me was writing (can I get a drum roll, please?) over 1,000 words each and every day.  One Sunday, it was 3,000 words! Why? Because I had someone holding me accountable.

Milli makes sure you follow-through on your goals. She's firm but kind and for some reason, her magic, I mean, methods work.

I am 15,000 words into a story I came up with in January but didn't sit down and write until September when I hired Milli to help me stay consistent.

Milli is very friendly, approachable, and spent a long time on the phone with me asking me about my goals. There were never any wrong answers and her feedback helped me reframe a struggle I was having with something someone said that gored me to the core.  With her reframing of the situation, I was able to create a funny picture in my head that healed me and helped me move on.

Milli's feedback is second to none.  It is thoughtful, kind, and goes deep.  

I highly recommend Milli if your goal is finally writing that book you've been putting off, consistently writing for your blog, or any other goal you have with writing.

Phone or txt msg:

(505) 234-4156

(Mountain Time Zone)